Nostalgic Austin Toy Store

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During one of the most rainiest days in Austin Texas that I have witnessed yet, I decided to take a stroll down W. 6th St. or as I like to call it the Dirty Six. On this strip filled with bars, rowdy people, dope fiends, live music, and an all-around party atmosphere, I stumbled upon what appeared to be a little humble toy shop featuring some vintage dolls from the 90s.
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The toys included two of my favorite childhood franchises, Space Jam and Mortal Kombat. I stumbled upon this little toy shop/bar/arcade and I was pleasantly shocked to see something so innocent around such beautiful debauchery in Austin Texas. Of course looking at the toys brought back some fond memories of my childhood.
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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge
I personally never owned any of these toys so it was nice to get a first time look at these things. I’m sure if I was a kid I would not have appreciated the awesomeness that was in my hand. But as an adult I can look at these play things and appreciate the craftsmanship and the stories that one could create through visual storytelling.
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On this little excursion I brought along with me what’s growing to become my favorite lens, the Jupiter 135mm. I think it’s really funny how for years I hated this lens and now within a weeks time I’m almost exclusively shooting with it for live events and street photography. It’s my go to lens now.
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My camera was set to Aperture mode, which again allows me the freedom to just worry about the focus. So I’m now I’m taking less shots and better shots.
To end, I would like to think the #blackandwhite community, @ewkaw, @curangel, @ackhoo, @qurator,, @monochromes and so many more in the #hive community that have been supporting my work the last couple days, or weeks I lose track of time. I really can’t stress how much this means to me and it’s because of you all that I continue to do what I do on a daily basis! Thank you so much for the support.

Till next time folks

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