Seven tips to make yourself look beautiful in the picture

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So know how to take pictures, you will also need Ananya.
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  1. Close eyes:
    Eyes close in the picture? So keep eyes closed. Open the eyes with the camera click. You will see that the eyes will not be closed in the picture.

  2. The face below the face is heavy:
    The lower part of the face in the film is quite heavy. Many have seen folds again. To overcome this problem, a little more towards the face. The throat and the lower part of the face will get a bit of tension and in the film, the bottom part of the face will not look heavy.
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  3. Artificial smile:
    The face becomes extra smiling when taking photos? Looks like I'm smiling? There is a way to overcome this problem. Do not keep the gap between the teeth. Smile in such a way that the tongue can not be seen. This will make the smile normal and natural.

  4. Eyebrows:
    Look at your eyebrows. Only the role of eyebrows is very beautiful. Find out how to have eyebrows if you look beautiful. Take the girls eyebrow well. It will give a perfect shape to the face and the picture will look beautiful.

  5. White eyes:
    Many times the eye glow comes in white. To solve this problem, take a look at a little shining light before taking pictures. In this, eye follicles are compressed, so there is no problem in whitening the gem.
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  6. The right angle:
    When you stand in an angle, you look a little dry, look at the side of the side of the face better. Keeping these things in mind will make your pictures look beautiful.

  7. View the previous picture:
    Look at the picture that you love the most, how it stood in the picture or how it fared, and try to take pictures. All the pictures in it will be beautiful
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great tips,i really insiperd.thank you for shear wioth us.


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This is good information, for those who have cameras. I take pictures with a smartphone.


smartphone. Camera is not bad ...some time i aslo take pictures with a smartphone.

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