One Of The Most Famous Amazing Flower In The World ~39~

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Dotted flowers are found in a pot of ancient Babylonic civilization.
China's Emperor Sen Noang examined the virtues of Dhootura four thousand
years ago. This tree is found in all parts of our country.
There are a number of names for them, such as Dhustar, Kitab,
Matulak, Madan, Shivshaykhar, Kanthal, Mohan, Kalvona, Shaiv ??etc.
Tropical Acoulaids on the Dupuran tree. There is a seed in Datunanolone.
Due to these components, this flower can be toxic, due to excessive brain
deformation and even death.

In a moderate way, this plant is beneficial for various mental and
neurological disorders. Besides, arthritis and skin diseases also
give effective results.

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