📷 Excellent Tips for Taking good Pictures 📷 --Part -13

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The best way to get pictures

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  • It is better to take pictures in the morning or in the afternoon to take pictures in the light of day. It is better to take photos for two hours before sunrise and two hours before sinking. However, in case of special events or newsletters, this rule can not be followed.
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  • Best of all, taking pictures before dawn or evening. Then the light can be used very well in the film. Due to the slightest light in the morning and in the afternoon due to the light of the sun, the difference between light and shadow is very good.
  • Good pictures are available in the morning or in the afternoon when people make their portraits.
  • Use flash light less to draw pictures in the wedding. If the use of makeup is more in wedding dresses, the photo of the flash light is more likely to get worse. In this case, with the camera (built-in) flash, the picture can be found.
  • It is better not to have white color behind the photo while taking photos.
  • What you pick up, you have to bring it to your head first. At first you have to fix the content of the photo.
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  • In the portrait of the picture you can take pictures of the pictures you take, the side of the face is beautiful to look at.

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