My family, my village, and me.

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She is my little sister, and she is now at village, and me at city, running after the money. The distance between us is far.

I proudly say I have the best sister in the world, but she is bit crazy and scares me sometime. After my festival holidays, i will be back to my village to meet her. Really missing her , my village and my family now, while writing the post....

All pictures are taken by me, with CANNON 700D before a year ago, when i was at my village. Though I could share you.

This is the photo of her, being happy

This is my village area. It is beautiful and adventures to travel. It is located in a remote place of Nepal. SittalPati is the place name

I was trying to freeze the flowing water using shutter speed feature on camera. I am not a professional guy.

Most of the part of my village is full of paddy field, as agriculture is the main source of income there.

She is my grandmother. She is like 80 years old. She is washing dishes

Sometimes my sis, gets angry, and only happy after she got chocolates.

My other family members, my aunt and a helper. She was making the food for buffalow.

She is my big grandmother. She is around 95 years but still strong, enough to handle all the house hold work.

I will going soon at my home, after this september for festival Dashain and then will introducing my self in steemit in more detail.

I am here alone at kathmandu, currently working for marketing company. I really miss my family, :'(

Thank you for comming here,

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Very cool. I love how the rice paddies are stepped into the field. It is truly beautiful. Your little sister is a little beauty. I can't blame her for being happy after getting chocolates. Thanks for the share!

These are beautiful pictures @jacker
Very sharp shots.

.. Thanks and do stay in touch.


Thank you. This is the real love from whales and dolphins. I will posting regularly

Wow.. amazing post.. it is a very peaceful village.. oh god.. i would like to visit there in one day.. is that little girl your sister..?


Yes. She is my sister. You are always welcome mate.