Raccoons the Sly Scavengers

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Raccoons are curious creatures. They can adapt to the various environment for survival. I visited a local park and found them.
Even with such sharp teeth and claws, raccoons are omnivorous. One-third of their diet are plants.

Raccoons' bandit mask often associated the creatures with mischiefs. People in the city often find them raiding trash cans for foods.

The black mask actually helps them see better at night. Black color does not reflect light. It reduces glare coming into their eyes.

The black mask also works as a camouflage. You know how soldiers paint their face black? It's for the same reason.

If you ever find one, be careful approaching. A raccoon's teeth and claws are likely infectious with diseases.

Raccoons can stay in a small group with no problem. They like having friends.

Scientists categorized raccoons' intelligence to be similar to foxes' and monkeys'. They can operate basic tools such as opening containers like the human.

Here's a raccoon using a rock to make knocking sound for foods. (Video not taken by me)

Perhaps this one is contemplating on something.

If you want to find raccoons, the best time is at dusk or night time. They are nocturnal. At night, their eyes will reflect light. So it's easy to spot one.

Hope you guys enjoy the raccoon photos. Photos taken with Panasonic GX8 with Olympus 40-150mm f2.8 with a 1.4 teleconverter.

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Thoroughly enjoyed your post. We once had a pet racoon that was rescued from a tree as land was being cleared. We raised it on a a doll's toy bottle and it became an important member of the family interacting much like a cat.


Thank you. A raccoon looks like more fun than a cat. I like how they make funny gestures with their hands.