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RE: Merry Almost Christmas to You and You and You

in #photography2 years ago

Merry Christmas Eve !

Love all the ornies.

My trees use to have that many presents around the bottom. Now not so much.

I wrapped and tied bows on the rest of my outgoing gifts..... and I also wrapped 3 for myself. LOL

I'm my own Santa !


Merry Christmas Eve! You know how I love mine too. :)

The tree looks fuller than what it is, mostly because there are none underneath. The tree goes almost to the floor, plus, all the outgoing are gone, except for who is coming. So the family has multiplied and divided adding even more, but, it is the subtractions that are really felt.

Ah. Yes.

I wrapped and mailed some last week and bowed them, to be sure, delivered some this weekend, and boom, this is what is left. It is still a beautiful time of year!

Merry almost Christmas, El!


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