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RE: How to create a "Click to Enlarge Photo" link ... in 13 clear and easy steps (Revised and Updated post)

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

Finally! Hahaha I’ve been wanting to ask how to do this enlarge photo thingy but I couldn’t find how to do it. Thanks for posting about it. This really helps.

Cheers 🍻


Great. That's the way I felt when I finally figured out this "enlarging" process.

As I stated, my previous post did not always allow people to enlarge photos. So, I'm hoping that this one will overcome that problem. Please try it, and please update me with regard to any success or failure you have.

If you fail, I'll try again to clarify the process.

I will inform you for sure but I don’t think can do it with the pictures I posted now coz I only use mobile. I’m looking forward to get a new camera but it’s not out yet... maybe next week... I’m eyeing to buy the new Fuji X A-5 coz it’s small. A bit pricey though but I saved for it. It will be first real camera 😂 that’s the time I could definitely use the enlarge thingy...

OK, I will be awaiting your awesome "Enlarged" photo posts.

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