Love and pigeons

in #photography2 years ago

This photo was taken in the center of Prague near Charles Bridge.

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  • For those of you interested: Camera is Xiaomi Mi6.
  • As always, these are my original photos, and I maintain the copyright.
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@reemy thank you very much friend!

Good people for good things ..Nice pic
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for your opinion! I'm glad that you liked my work! It's very important for me!


When I was younger I was backpacking thru Europe. Was having a lonely time and sat against a building drinking water and a pigeon bombarded me. My understanding is that was good luck. That night was one of my best on the backpacking trip.

Oh yeah, this was in Prague. That night I was drinking beers with 2 hot women on a bar overlooking castle and St Charles Bridge. Not a bad ending to the day. :)

Haha! The first best comment is rewarded!

Wonderful shot! Very real emotions! Wonderful picture!

Many thanks! Your comments inspire me to make even better photographs!

What a great photo, The important thing is not to make a pigeon, but to make it a peak and eat

@adrianav This best comment №3! Congratulations!

This photo shows happiness of the man and woman playing with the doves. It's great photo. I would try to make the background more blurry so they can be the focus of the photo.

Thanks for your comment and advice. I'll take this into consideration!

@putu300 This best comment №2! Congratulations!

Amazing photo, is a comic one anyway. Keep it up, nice photography

@edos2k8, thanks for the comment and evaluation!

Is my pleasure.

Thanks again!

This photo captures a very pure and happy moment. Nice job!

Thank you @jessica23! Subscribe to my blog.

Lovely photo of pigeons. Seems these birds are worldwide.

@ironpapilion5, thank you for your comment! Subscribe to my blog.

Las aves son bonitas no he visto ese tipo de palomas en mi país Venezuela.!

@reivil thanks for the comment! Here are your pigeons:Снимок экрана 2018-04-23 в 1.24.31.png

Very nice photo!!1

Amazing piece of photography...!!!!!

Amazing photo 👍 full of LOVE ❤❤❤

@ee3lyntio, oh, thank you very much! Subscribe to my blog.

What a better moment to be able to capture such a majestic and spontaneous moment than with the palpable and visible recreation of that fact expressed in an image, those moments that for some could be insignificant for others are drawn a smile on the face, thanks for sharing that moment, successes

@luna04, thank you very much for such a good detailed comment! Subscribe to me and I will make you happy with quality photos.

thank you so much!

@felixsuh yes! Thank a lot dear friend!!!

@nguyenkhang, thank you so much!!!

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Love is very good for the animals and the camp

That's for sure :)

Thank you bro!

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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super! thank u!!!

What's the bird.?

Written in the title of the post - pigeons

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Its great!

Hi @ivanuralsky. Do you like sports?

Oh sure. Why are you asking about this?

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it's very-very good

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Hey buddy, nice photography filled with love!

Thank you buddy for the evaluation!

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Its very great

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Thank you very much!

I did not understand what you meant by that ....

Thank you very much alkadre

Nice Pigeons MEN !!! :)))

Thank you bro!!!!!

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