More Temples in Siem Reap

in photography •  9 months ago


Here's another picture of me exploring the temples located in the Angkor complex in Siem Reap. I had such an enjoyable time walking around the temples then jumping in our tuk tuk before arriving at another temple for more exploring. We went to so many temples and took so many pictures whilst doing our best to avoid the crowds. I cant actually remember what temple this is so if you do know please let me know haha. How many of you have explored the temples in Siem Reap ? Its probably 1st or 2nd on my highlights from Cambodia ! Any guesses what my other favorite experience was ;)

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Great place !


Have you been ?

Pretty awesome! About when was this temple built, any idea?


There are a lot of these temples mostly built in the years between 900 and 1200.


You beat me to it ahah well done :)

Oooo that looks like a really fun place to explore! One day I'd like to visit such places! Great picture! Thanks for sharing


You'll get there its definitely worth it !

I like these temples, too. It was an amazing ancient culture who builds them!

this is verry good.


Have you been to many temples ?

That looks like Bayon, but we're not 100% sure. We have been to the majors ones inside the complex as well as outside the complex like Banteay Srei. We say we did a full day, but in reality with the heat and the tourists it was probably around 3-4 hours. So, we can safely say 5 temples (plus 1-2 or minus 1).

Becca lived and worked in and around Siem Reap last year for a wildlife conservation NGO, so she knows more about the area.

Let's take a guess what you enjoyed more than Angkor Wat...

a) Swimming and exploring Koh Rong?
b) Roaming around Phnom Penh?
c) Boozing up?
d) Travelling around the country in local buses?

If it's none of those, then it's e) your answer


I might be Bayon yes you could be right so hard to remember 😂

My other favourite is definitely swimming and exploring Koh Rong 😍


Thought it would be your other favourite activity ;)


I cant wait to go surfing in Indonesia !