Taking few steps back

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Afternoon sun shining right through this building in the Tampere University main campus. I'm more than thrilled that the days are getting longer and soon it'll be bright all day and night. A slowwy* like me *slow on some actions will have time to go out there, suck the light in and take photos without a stand. I do have all sorts of stands and tripods. Bigger, smaller, bendable and pocket size, but I am sooooo freakishly lazy with actually using any of those. So more light truly is welcome.


I've never thought that this building, Pinni A-B is beautiful. I do see and recognize the genius ideas of it, sun shining right through (if that was the architects intention and not just an accident), shining metal and the playful reflections and different colors depending on the color of the day, symmetrical parts colliding with irrational, weird parts, straight lines in symbiosis with the curvy ones. Almost everything is beautiful when given the right conditions. It's just the bleak, gray, windy, cold and wet days that show how ugly this building actually is. It's plain gray as everything else and has no comfort or warmth for a weary human going past it. Seeing soft lines, doors with curls and playful figures that call for you to to come in or bight colors like yellow or turquoise on a gray day would be more welcoming than this harsh thingy on a rainy day. Besides, there are already tons of metal skeletons with reflective, glassy surfaces occupying Tampere. And the whole country.


But I sure like to take photos of these lines and the cool reflections. Don't know if I'm any good at it though.


Just when I decided to start a photo series of people trying to pass me and my camera, ducking and almost squatwalking or something between bowing and squatting, the opportunities to do that seem to have vanished. Where are you all duckers now?! Where are all those people who's intention was to walk on the sidewalk and pass a building, until they noticed me taking photos towards that direction and they decide to stop and wait for me to take the photos and leave, but when I don't stop and leave and they don't want to wait any longer, they try to duckwalk past my camera. I guess they do not realize that I have total control of my camera and I can decide when to take the photo. And also, if I have zoomed in, walking normally past wouldn't even show on the photo. And on the other hand with a wide angle lens no amount of ducking would help.

So I decided to start a duckers photo series. But alas, no duckers available. This teacher / professor / researcher seemed very happy to be in my photos. He even asked me if he was in my photos when he passed me.


What was my tittle all about? Oh, taking few steps back. Okay, I'll make this professor / researcher go back. Neat that I can. Freeze or rewind time.


So he's gone and the place looks again deserted. Hit by corona.



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The third shot is really nice :)

I'm sure it's an accident that it's nice. :D

I like the layers and depth to it.

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