Optical illusion has the Internet divided - shiny legs or painted legs?

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It appears there is a new optical illusion that has everyone debating what they are seeing which is kind of like the colored dress from 2015 where some saw gold and others saw blue.

This pic was posted on Instagram of these legs stating they are covered with some white paint or are they shiny!?

Posted by Hunter Culverhouse on Instagram

But a lot of people (including myself) are seeing glossy shiny legs. I also saw the dress back in 2015 as gold.

These illusion can happen where a person's brain will translate what it sees in a different way than someone else and Culverhouse says it was created completely by accident.

He had some white paint left on a brush so he he put some random lines on his legs. He took a photo and put it on instragram thinking nothing of it. But it turned out to be a very confusing picture for a lot of people.

So what do you see when you look at these legs - Shiny legs or legs with white paint?


I see the paint myself and a guy that needs some more hair on his legs. :)

they do look glossy but then when I look at them closer I can see how he painted the lines... very unique how that works.

I thought these were some shiny legs of a girl.... finding out it's some dude's legs was the biggest disturbing optical illusion for me. :)

It's pretty neat because I can see how it looks shiny.

It was up to a direction of my eyes. Sometimes, it looked shiny :)

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