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A Roll up banner, as you probably guessed with the name, is a banner that rolls itself. It is compact, easy to transport and easy to set up.

When do you need it?

If you have to set a kiosque, or if you have a long-lasting special it is a good way to advertise it in your own shop. It can also be used as a decoration ( We've sold some to a theater troop that wanted a decorum that was easy to set up and easy to set down).

What ever you want to use it for it will surely caught the eyes of everybody.

We offer many format. If that interest you please contact us.

[email protected]

We accept paiment in Steem dollars, in fact if you want to pay in Steem dollars please say so and you'll receive a 10%


informative info thanks

You're welcome, It's important to know what product to buy so you don't buy something that will not serve you properly.

Very nice to accept steem as a paiment!

I believe it is important if we want it to succeed

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