Street Furniture

in photography •  3 months ago


Street furniture. Well, this is not a mailbox nor a weird road sign, this seems to be an abandoned object, part of somebody's furniture. A few years ago (or earlier) I was walking in the street of an Athens suburb and when I saw this object I stopped and took a photo. The composition was cute! The natural light was mediocre and city colors were rather fuzzy (probably because of that day's high rate of pollution). Thus, I decided to create a splash-composition. I still think that this photo fits the ambiance and the mood of that very busy day! I hope you like it! Wish you an excellent and creative weekend!

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i like the combination of the color that you modified.


Hi! @aaarif Thank you very much for your nice comment and your upvote!!! It's just a moment of inspiration... Happy to know you like the editing! Have an excellent and creative day!!!