Photosession with the Creator

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Once, my six-year-old daughter Ksyusha was playing with her friends in the yard. I watched her through the window, at the same time watching the pot, where the soup was brewed.


The weather began to worsen. The sky quickly darkened. I'm calling my daughter: "Ksu, go home. Do not you see that there will be a thunderstorm? Today, by the way, the weather forecast promises a thunderstorm."
Ksusha, of course, did not rush to her mother's call. And now the low sky burns up by flashes of lightning. I see my daughter sprinting home, but at each flash of lightning she stops for some reason and raises her eyes to the sky.


Finally, my daughter had run into the apartment.
I can not stand it:

  • What are you doing? Instead of watching your step, when you be running, you stare at the sky and even smile?

  • Mom, so I wanted to turn out beautiful in photos! And as soon as God turned on the flash and took photos, I stopped and posed!

My chest had been hurt. But everything is so simple. My Ksenia really believes in God. And communicates with him. Here and now.
And I? I cook soup, instead of a photo session with the Creator. Is it cool?
And the words of Christ "be like children and you will inherit the kingdom of God" no longer seem so incomprehensible ...

Bereginja congratulates everyone on Holy Easter Day! And gives this story to all grown-up children. Be as children! And be happy!


These photos, as an illustration, are taken from the site:

This post is a translation of the article written by @bereginja-steem


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