Street Art

in photography •  last year

On Friday, we took pictures of graffiti on the Danube Canal. This is the most interesting thing. I like to take pictures of graffiti because in comparison to what we have in Poland these here represent in my opinion a really high level, of course not all, but most of them. In Poland, on most walls you can find various vulgarisms and uncensored things. Most graffiti is done by pseudo fans who hate other football clubs. And here in Vienna, most of the paintings depict history, or raise topics that most people don’t want to talk about.

Below I selected 4 pictures of graffiti from Vienna and two from my city for comparison.
Vienna :

And from Legnica :

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Nice picture and reporting about the difference between Poland and Austria street art! =)


Thank you 🙂


Continue like this! :)

I understand the concern but coming from a ex communist small country, I understand why is not that our countries do not have the same talent, but the mentality that links graffiti more with vandalism than with artistic expression
in our countries is not as much encouraged, that true artist would take pride to enhance the urban experience with graffities