How am I bogged down in photo contests or - the reason for my absence!

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Hello Friends!

I still haven't told you about one of the key points of my long absence on the platform earlier! Someone familiar with my work may remember that I like to participate in model photo contests online in social networks. These contests last for months (if you last so long). But I always found in them a lot of useful things for myself and each time I improved my skills.

Of the most popular and largest were the Das Model and Top Model, in which I have already participated several times over the course of several years. And this time it happened so that in Top was very last season, after which the project ceases to exist. And in Das there was a "star season", this is when only participants of previous seasons participate. Therefore, our team and I could not decide who to give preference to and filed applications in all.

Today I will tell you about participating in the Das Model, as it was shorter :)
The season began unconventionally, as there were no qualifying tasks, and all participants were immediately credited to the season. There was also an unusual judging system, according to the results of several tasks, and not after each, as usual. The first thing we shot was a task, the assessment of which did not go to the general points, but was mostly for creating business cards - model tests, in a certain style. That day we did the same task for another competition too.


Then there was the task, in which it was necessary to take the worst work from our last season and make it better. Honestly, we did not consider this work in the first place in the top worst, but the rest were much more difficult to implement, if only because we participated in two competitions in parallel, so we chose the lesser of two evils. This task was more for hairdresser, because it was necessary to make an unusual hairstyle. Last time, I proposed to make a fox-shaped hairstyle that goes well with the hair color of a model, or other animal. But she did her own and it was very criticized by the judges for the "old fashioned". This time I insisted on my idea. In terms of implementation, I expected of course not that, but still it turned out fresher than the first option.


The next assignment I can safely call my most disliked! Its essence was to create a cover for classical works of literature, which will be assigned to each participant (and, that is, we could not choose for ourselves). It is very difficult to come up with an idea based on what you absolutely do not know, and of course there was no time to read such a complex work. The book was “A Hero of Our Time,” by Lermontov. From the brief annotations, I identified some key points, but even they did not inspire me :( Therefore, we did not modernize the performance, but made a slightly more classic version. In general, this season of the competition I really did not like the tasks, they did not inspire at all, but one thing the only one that I was waiting for so far was not possible to realize, because we were expelled right in front of him.


After that there was a more acceptable task, although not quite interesting for me, since I performed the same in another competition. The point here was to find a similar person and create a fashion image of the “twins”. I knew for sure, I want to see a red-haired guy next to my model, and we started looking for him. And what is surprising, through friends us managed to find not just a guy, but with incredibly long hair! They were even longer than Natasha’s and more saturated in tone (because he don’t have hairstyles so often, as she does). And they were really alike. Then inspiration finally visited me.


The following task takes second place in the top of my unloved task. Because of one key element - Grillz. Grillz are nozzles for teeth, of various layouts, most often gold, sometimes with rhinestones, etc. A popular element among rappers and a fresh schtick in fashion. And all would be fine, but such things are not sold in my small town or even in the neighboring ones, and there was no time to order from distant places. Therefore, we, like some other participants, tried everything we could - painted teeth, glued fangs, wrapped in foil. Here, it also seemed interesting to me to add an element of an open eye, covered with gold, which I spied. But it turned out to be more difficult than it might have seemed at first.


And the last task - shooting with shadows on the body. It was very difficult. Usually they are created using the sun, then they are bright and large, but we were not lucky, it was winter and it was during these two weeks that the sun was not at all. Therefore, I had to try with studio lighting equipment. Shadows were obtained, but very small and weak. We even shot two days in two different places and with different conditions, but that did not help. At that moment, the judges decided to exclude many participants at once in order to speed up the season, and we were among them.


Honestly, I understood from the very beginning that the competition in Das will be very big, because of so many strong participants. Therefore, can say that here I did not give all my best and preferred the Top, which I will talk about next time, where almost all the tasks either liked me or were a challenge and I could not do them badly. Therefore, I do not regret about how everything turned out, this is also an experience and it is interesting :)

Thank you for attention!



The contrast is noticeable when you're inspired and when you're not.
The photos of the twins are incredible and even more incredible, that you have found a male model with long red hair.
My favorite. I also liked the photos with shadows.
Wow, congratulations!

Thank you!
Indeed, to find such a guy as a model, this is a real miracle and most importantly he likes to be photographed :)

Wow - these photos in 'gold' are super interesting and a little creepy - but pretty at the same time :D Really confusing. Great post! Love to see all the diversity in these photos :-)

Curated for

Thank you very much! :)

Good to see you back:) I found all the photo projects very interesting and unique. You put a lot of hard work in this contest, i hope it will pay of:)

Thank you! All work pays off, because experience is priceless :)

This is so true:)

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