My photos of a Creepy House from 1861 Historical Hat Creek Ranch

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I wasn't allowed to take pictures with flashes because the wallpaper is so old it's deteriorating and the flash makes it worse.

The wallpaper they used back then actually was more like wallClothing, I'm sure it was tighter to the wall back in the 1860's.
But the material they used was more a hemp then a thin paper like now days.


Very cool! Where is this?

It's near Kamloops British Columbia. Near Lytton or pavilion lake. If you are familiar with BC . It's in cash creek (Thompson Nicola Valley)

Not familiar at all but like to know what I'm looking at. Just a suggestion, on your next post try to include where photos were taken and what camera was used Enjoyed looking at these. I'm sure a lot of people enjoy seeing places they have never been

I took these with my Nikon D3200 (18-55mm) lens. I'll remember that for next time thanks.