Walk on a Farm

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Inspired by #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay

All photos featured are from my personal collection

Let me take you on a mini adventure of walking and climbing while on a farm tour. Both my daughter and I enjoy getting close to nature, so we take every opportunity that comes our way to discover and experience new places.

It was our first time to visit a huge farm that is also an agricultural training center somewhere in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.


As you can see, the place has a vast open space. It is perfect for taking a stroll. Just don't stay out in the sun too long.


You will also see a number of life-sized cow statues. No live ones are seen grazing on the grounds though.


A nice gazebo offers visitors a chance to take cover in case you want to hide from the sun. It is perfect too, in case it rains.


Exploring farther on foot, we take a turn and reach another area where we find a nice, cozy-looking cottage surrounded by trees and water. I think it is perfect for a picnic.


More walking and exploring and we find a sign that says "rope bridges." True enough, we find two rope bridges side by side.


My daughter, an eager beaver of an adventurer, decides to go ahead and try to cross via one of the bridges.


I could only watch and take her photo as she walks farther and farther from me. Hah! Too bad fear got the better of me, so I try and find another way to get to the other side.


I see this strange "moat" as I walk to meet up with my daughter.


Great! We find more daring activities to do... wall climbing and rapelling. No, I did not try that either. However, I know someone who truly had a great time!


Till our next adventure! I always look forward to our mom and daughter bonding time! ^_^

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What a beautiful area and I know my wife would never have crossed that rope bridge either i would have had no problem crossing it

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you for the inspiration! ^_^

!giphy thanks

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MY Pleasure i love seeing everyone’s walks :)

This looks more like a huge park than a farm!! Those bridges!! Wow. I am not sure if I would have walked over them LOL

I was pretty scared. I found the bridge to be too narrow for comfort. LOL ^_^

Beautiful all photography.

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thank you so much! ^_^

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OMG those are some amazing pictures. I really like the rope bridge.

I liked them too but was too scared to cross. LOL ^_^ Thanks for dropping by :))

!giphy thank you

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Liked whole of your #WednesdayWalk especially that bridge walk.

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much! 🙂🙂

I'm with you on that rope bridge! I would have done all those things when I was younger though. We do these things through our children after a certain age.

So true. That's also one reason we travel, while I still can. LOL ^_^ thanks for dropping by :))