🌴🌴🌴 My Weekly Travel Photo #19 In Seychelles 🌴🌴🌴

in photography •  9 months ago 

Last glimpses of nature's beauty before plunging into obscurity...

 #19 In Seychelles Mahe.jpg
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Image © hvr All Rights Reserved

CameraNikon D750
LensAF-S Nikkor 24 -120mm, F / 4 G ED VR
Settings@ 24mm, ISO 50, 1 / 250s, f / 8
LocationSeychelles Mahé

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Thank you in advance for your comments...

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This is a beautiful scene . . . it looks very relaxing.

Thank you @goldkey for the kind compliments. I’m very happy that you like my work.

Its look nice and peaceful atmosphere

Thank you @sanjoea !

beautiful scenery

Thank you @sergey44 !



It's a paradise on Earth, very nice

Thank you @conscmovement for your kind comment. I am happy that you liked my photo so much.


Thank you @yosoyzetha,I am glad you liked my photo!

Congratulations @hvr!
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Thanks @arcange !

nice picture. very refreshing and warm.

Thanks @mirla33 !

GOOD ...

Thank you @i2015park !

Why don't you upload a higher resolution photo?

Thank you @goainwo for comment regarding the résolution. I did not increase the résolution because I’m sending many photos in one go by email to the cell phones of my family but will try to increase it in future.

you are a professional and you can see that you love what you do ... all the best from @aple

Thank you @aple for the kind compliments. I’m very happy that you like my work.

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

your job is worth voting and restreem of course ... I will follow jour blog

congratulations it worth voting and restreem ...

Thank you @tomlegion for your comment,I am glad you liked my photo!

Wow, that landscapes... I wish I could travel to Seychelles. I'm always looking for some similar places to take my photos, love coastal landscapes!

Thank you @cerealex for appreciating my photo. Agree that the coastal scenery of that island is superb!

beautiful black-and-white photography

Thank you @pequef for your comment !

Gorgeous shot of our beautiful nature @hvr

Thank you @joalvarez for your comment,I am glad you liked my photo!

Hey, hope you are having a nice day!

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Many thanks @the1ramp for inviting me to participate in the various contests. Much appreciated!

Have a good day.

I love this image, it gives me a sense of peace, of calmness, thanks for capturing such a beautiful image, I think you see much more than we can imagine, thanks for sharing places and unique moments with each one of us. We value you.

Thank you @everymoon for your kind comment and for expressing and sharing your appreciation of my photos. It makes me happy to hear that they convey such positive emotions.

Beautiful <3

Thank you @leonardlp

Beautiful nature.

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Thanks @iris2356 !

Beautiful!. I love nature views

Thank you @gabbyjoe !

Lonely view

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Thank you @freshindia !

nothing quite like the view of the ocean..

Thank you @aburmeseabroad for your kind comment !

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Many thanks @lisadang for your invitation to test APPICS. I will look into it.

A beautiful landscape. Did you use a polarizing filter or a gray or semi-gray filter? Regards and welcome to my blog.

What an awesome photo!

Lovely place.

Thanks for sharing.

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Que elegante y hermosa imagen,de verdad lo felicito amigo por tan bello trabajo,espero contar con su visita y aporte,soy venezolana que vive lo cruel de una crisis de hambre y de miseria,agradeceria su ayuda amigo,saludos y muchas bendiciones