Traditional harbour in my village - harbour photocontest

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xiaomi mi5x

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

good photos, fishermen get catch fish with net. hebat @hubbsteem

Thanks @suhardi that day I just passed by, I saw the boat just arrived and took some pictures

I love that you took this from a distance and got some of those colourful vessels in. Reminds me of the days i used to go out fishing

Hi @shadowolfdg thanks...yup some people rent the boat for fishing too. It could take 3-5 people

I have Xiaomi phone too and it never has failed me.

Yup, thats right @fotografia101 .. I like it too, thanks anyway

lovely photo @hubbsteem thanks for always supporting my contests

Thanks @claudiaz for the nice contests and I love it.

you are very welcome