My journeys 3.Autumn in Golestan

in photography •  last year  (edited)


" Autumn in Golestan province (North of Iran)has always been beautiful and splendid. And this beauty can be seen in the masses of golden and reddish trees, which are more beautiful with the morning light of the sun. The best season for autumn colors is photography"








"Above the cascade of Lashu, there are a number of moss ponds filling it with water and the water reaches the water after the ponds."

THANK YOU for your attention.. 🙏

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besyar ziba... mamnon babate ax haye zibaa 😍😍😍


you are welcome 🌹🌹

eyne naghashi mimone lamasab



بسیار عالی عزیز


tashakor babate hemayat

Very good dadash☺


thanks Refigh ✌

Wonderful. Great shots!


thanks my friend 😊

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besyar ziba... mamnon babate ax haye zibaa 😍😍😍