Color Challenge Thursday Green (Entry No.1. Green in different varieties / Grün in verschiedenen Varianten) HomeArtPictures Originalcontent (10 HQ Photos)


Hello dear Steemians,

My today's contribution to the #colorchallenge of @kalemandra, deals with the color green. I had to look for something again, but I found a lot of green things. There are all things that are found in nature. So dear Steemians, I wish you a nice Thursday evening and have fun while looking at my pictures.


Hallo liebe Steemians,

mein heutiger Beitrag zur #colorchallenge von @kalemandra, beschäftigt sich mit der Farbe Grün. Ich musste wieder etwas suchen, aber ich habe viele grüne Dinge gefunden. Es sind alles dinge die in der Natur zu finden sind. Also liebe Steemians, ich wünsche euch einen schönen Donnerstagabend und viel Spaß beim Betrachten meiner Bilder.









Photos by @HomeArtPictures

In the future you will find the majority of my pictures and reports under the #passionforphotography


What an amazing picture. This freeze frame of droplets in green hues is absolutely eye catching. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted.

It would be great if you see my latest blogs and leave your comments. They will enrich my Steemit experience. Thanks.

Ich denks mir ja schon immer, aber du hast einfach definitiv mehr Talent wie so mancher Berufsfotograf...

😧😳🤔 dazu fällt mich gleich mal gar nichts weiter ein...

Green is for Mother Nature
Perfect shot
Thank You for sharing this amazing post with us

Wau echt tolle bilder

ich hoffe das ich auch mal anehernd so gut werde

mit Sicherheit!!! vielen Dank...

Very nice @homeartpictures Thursday Green. I did mine earlier i will appreciate if you have a look at my blog. Thank you!


Immediately had to click on follow :) Great work! I have no idea how you actually made some of these shots. The drops in the water are awesome!

Holy shit. These are some insane shots! (Plus, I love the color green, haha!) I wish I could take pictures even remotely close to how good these are! Thanks for sharing these on here with us, man!

Beeindruckende Bilder :)

Ver nice ! great job ! will follow :)

Sehr schöne Grün-Spiele - mit weiteren Farben und auch Linien, gefällt mir.

vielen Dank......

Just beautiful!!! Excellent work as usual, @homeartpictures !!! It's always a plesure to watch your photos!

thanks my dear Silvia

I like the color :)

Nothing beats green ... Amazing Clicks ! specially the one with the leaves !

What are the rich colors. These are very beautiful shots.

Some fantastic pictures there mate some great looking greens, cheers mike

thanks @mikenevitt

Du musst ein rießiges Arsenal an tollen Fotos haben. Today's green: wieder amazing! Eins toller als das andere!

vielen Dank, ich denke es sind ca. 40000

very beautiful pictures as always, love the first one most.

vielen Dank mein Freund......

Very nice contribution to a Thursday Green Color Challenge @homeartpictures. Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.

thanks a lot @photo-trail

Fantastic photos! I admire your skill @homeartpictures!

thanks Olga.... :-)

Impressive! They're the most beautiful greens!

The water droplets are captured so well. I have always wanted to take shots like that but I don't think I have the right equipment

many thanks.....

Love the different shades of green, colourful and vibrant.They seem to just stand out and grab at your attention.
Exelent photos,can't wait for the next ones.

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