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I was asked by The Back Lot Academy to give a lecture on Event Photography in such a way that it would be beneficial for all 3 of their Academic Courses, those being: Audiovisual Profesional, Social Media Professional, and cultural Event Management.

I started my Presentation by introducing myself, what I do and giving a quick recap on the basics of photography & cinematography.

Thanks to the great interaction of the students and the Interested audience members, it turned out to be a very fun and educational experience, for all ( i hope. . . )

At the end of the night, I went a bit off topic telling them how I started in photography and my approach to doing business which to my surprise they seemed to enjoy and be very interested in.

I want to give a special BIG Thank you to Hedwig de la Fuente to whom I owe this great experience too, thank you my friend.

Pictures by: Saël Photography.

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Really enjoyed the lecture brada 👍

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Thank you for the support Bro !
If i can tell my story and it helps someone or someone can get something out of it than its my honor and pleasure.

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