A morning behind bars

in #photography3 years ago

Facing the sun that I greet, I prepare my body and my mind to take stock.
So every morning I know what I want. All this is asked for and put back into unknown energies.

And then the day goes by before the next morning.

A sign (or several) proves that I am heard. Sometimes nothing happens because it is up to me to listen, to receive and to act. And sometimes, there is an event that causes me to step back or resist.

This is the power of my mornings. To welcome ... To continue in the fascination of "it works" or in the obstinacy of "you must not give up".

Again another morning ... I know what I want. I open my eyes ... And I write, excited ...



Beautiful thanks for this!

Thank you :)

You're welcome

Great colors, it's the prectect time of the day to take a picture. Good job!

It's also my favorite time of the day ! Thank you :)

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