Smartphonephotography animal - grasshopper

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Dear Steemit Friends...

Grasshopper is a herbivorous insect of the suborder of Caelifera in orthoptera. This one insect has a very long antenna, three times longer than its body is very different from other types of grasshoppers and also has a long ovipositor. The sound produced by some grasshopper species is usually produced by rubbing the rear femur against the front wing or stomach, or by flapping its wings while flying. Grasshoppers can also be eaten because they contain lots of protein and taste good and delicious.

Grasshoppers are very often found in grass areas and usually they live in groups but there is also a solitary, grasshopper eating young leaves and even some farmers regard grasshopper as a pest that invites vegetable plants even in large quantities grasshoppers can devour all vegetable leaves in a short time. Grasshoppers are also hunted by the community as a bird food and most easily found in taro leaves because locusts also like to live in a rather humid area.

The picture below is the lower part of the grasshopper's body, at first glance we see a slightly frightening lower body shape because its mouth almost resembles a monster but it is a small grasshopper that I portrayed with oppoA39 cameras and additional macro lenses. So that can be seen more clearly because of the additional macro lens.


thank you for reading my blog hope you like it.

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