photography of mango flower. and finally my mango flowering too

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

Dear friends stemians...

good night to all steemit friends, how are you tonight, hopefully in good health for all. on this occasion I would like to share some photography of my mango flower image

this mango itself that planted it about 3 years ago, and somehow my mango was long flowering and fruitful, unlike other people's mangoes, image

when I see the flowers have grown I am very happy, because I have been waiting for the flowers to grow and bear fruit. then I took the picture, and it turns out in my mango flower there is a tail flies that suck the mango flower, and in the end I took some pictures, you can see the picture below


thank you for reading my blog, and hope you all love it, best regards @hasan8



What beautiful flowers

Great picture! I like it 👍
You got an upvote, so it would be a nice gesture to follow this account for more upvotes in the future 👊🏼

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