How to make your dog look good on Instagram

in photography •  2 years ago

I get it - your dog is cute. But perhaps she isn't reaching her full potential on Instagram. Think your dog deserves more likes? Here's a few things that might help...

  • Don't underestimate a good prop!

The cute little birthday party hat in his photo takes it from 'aw' to 'AWH!'. Nothing can beat a dog in human clothes and accessories.

  • Pay attention to angles.

You take your own selfies from the best angles, so why should your dog be any different? If your dog looks especially cute when she's looking up at you, whip your phone out and take a snap! Which brings me to...

  • Always catch the cute moments

Catch your dog looking sweet when she's sleeping? Cuddled up to their toy? Or looking naughty when they're caught stealing food? These are the kinds of photos that people love!

  • Catch her at her happiest!


Your dog probably loves treats and going for walks. If these things put a smile on your dog's face, don't forget your camera!

  • Backgrounds matter.

Backgrounds are what make your dog looks even better. Whether it's a green path, frost, a photogenic beach or just good lighting, your setting can make your photos that little bit better.

What did you think of these tips? Leave the cutest photo you have of your dog in the comments so I can learn some stuff from you too!

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