Damask rose

in photography •  6 months ago
If you are looking for roses that have a fragrant smell to beautify your home yard, damask roses one of his options. The smell is really refreshing your nose, it's like to continue to smell it when you meet this rose. However, do not you imagine that the level of fragrance like a flower of the night, that smell can smell when you enter the room there is a tuberose flower. In that sense, the fragrance of this new village rose will smell when you bring your nose to the crown of the flower.


Damask roses are more easily propagated compared to other types of roses. If most other roses can only be propagated by way of grafting, village roses can be reproduced by way of penyetekan, namely by cutting the old stems and then stay plugged into the planting medium. Cutting is one of the easiest ways of plant propagation, and this can be done on damask roses.



This rose is owned by one resident of Lhokseumawe City, this housewife chooses roses as one of the flowers to beautify her home yard, is beautiful.
Hope that you enjoy and feel the nature beauty.


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Friend! Beautiful photography and beautiful flower and so nice story about flower

Really sir you so amazing Photographer.
Beautiful flowers photography..... best of luck

Warna yang jarang dijumpai pada bunga mawar... Indahnya... Jadi so sweet... @harferri

bunga mawar yang sangat indah, salam buat kawan steemian semua, terutama buat anda kawan ku

Photography bunga yang sangat indah ini teman ku. Dan semoga anda selalu dalam keadaan sehat. Tolong bantu saya sekali teman

Wow really amazing photography and flower.
You really beautiful Photographer.... @harferri

bunga cinta nih, lagak that jue bg @harferri 👍

So pretty, I haven't seen a rose with petals shaped in this way before, thanks for sharing!

I like the post.you captured good photos. Very beutiful flower. I like it.

The beauty of nature is flower. In a single word just awesome. Nicely captured. Thanks for sharing your experience with all.

Photography bunga yang begitu indah,saya suka gambar abg,semogaha harimu menyenangkan dan selalu sukses,kemana saja bg,tak perna saya melihat postingan abg lagi,saya akan restem

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