On January 20, 2019, the moon got smacked while the lights were turned off

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I was about to go to bed when my son asked me if I saw the moon. I replied that I had not seen it and asked what was there to see. He told me it was all red, so I went outside to take a look. I had no idea the moon would be in a total eclipse, otherwise I would have been prepared and taken pictures of the start until totality and then I could have gone to bed. Instead, I would only begin taking pictures after totality and then stay awake until the moon was fully out of the Earth's shadow.

I rushed to get my camera and took hand-held shots. Here is my first...


The first sliver of light is just showing after totality


The sliver of light gets a bit bigger


...and bigger


Now it looks like a typical crescent moon


We don't see this shape very often


This image makes me think of the incomplete Death Star from the Star Wars movie


Almost a complete full moon now


This is more or less what I saw just looking up into the sky

There was thin cloud, so it gave a soft fuzzy look to the moon


And finally, the full moon all lit up again!

I kept getting distracted and wasn't able to make a post with my images of the solar eclipse until now. Just as well, because now I have more to report:
The Point Roberts, Washington, USA newspaper called the All Point Bulletin reported that the moon was struck by a small meteorite just after totality. The meteorite is estimated to be somewhere between the size of a tennis ball and a football, and made a crater approximately 20 feet in diameter.
This report is confirmed by the following websites:

My son doesn't think much of these events but I think it is kind of special to be able to witness something rare first hand.
I hope you enjoy my photographs of the lunar eclipse of January, 2019.


I sincerely thank you for your interest!

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Haha my dear @happyme. Tell now to your son about these news regarding what could have been that rare event on the sky that he was able to witness jointly with you a few days ago babe. :)

EDIT: Oops, forgot include the link of the scientist's paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1901.09573.pdf


Good links my friend. Thank-you!


My pleasure babe!! 👍

Greetings for your son!! :)

Try to tell him the full name of the moon you witnessed 😉

If memory serves it's a Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse or something like it.

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Definitely a blood moon. Not sure about the super wolf part, but it wouldn't surprise me.