Neon Blue Dragonfly - Backyard Photography with Canon 5D Mark II (8/4/2016)

in photography •  2 years ago

Neon Blue Dragonfly

I captured this photo of a beautiful neon blue dragonfly in my backyard pond. They are drawn to the sound of the waterfall and dart back and forth off the tips of the horse tail reed I planted along the edge. They really love the reed! I almost feel like it's a magnet for dragonflies. I see them fly around every day 5 or more of all different colors such as neon blue, orange, and green. It's a real joy to see. They are like little drone helicopter. Very cool.


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Beautiful. They look so delicate but is scary when they fly after you in the garden.


Lol... I was gonna mention that but didn't want to take away their charm.


Would you like to join the Coterie Wrest once the project is off the ground? I think you'd be a great fit for the group. Fellow gardener and love netflix! :)


Yes please

Beautiful. I love dragonflies so much. They are my favorite insect and land on me or let me hold them regularly. This is a beautiful capture of this little guy!!


Thanks @justicepirate. They have inspired a lot of aviation technology.

Nice click


Thanks! Had to take my time cause those little boogers get spooked easy. It's all those eyes!