Best Free Non-Copyrighted images from the internet Part 1

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Hi Guys,

Today I am very excited to launch my new series on steemit. Its name is Best Free Non-Copyrighted Photos of Internet. Here, I will be uploading 12 best non-copyrighted (actually CC0) from the internet every week. They will be uploaded on every Monday so stay tuned. These images will be free for use even commercially and you could sell them as well (if someone would buy!). One more thing, all of the 12 images will be based on one theme.
Today is the first part of this beautiful series and our theme is Money. Here are the 12 best images on money or related to it.


Why now start with our lovely bitcoin. It is the money of the internet. Everyone loves it. It makes you rich.


Here is the fiat currency US Dollar. There is a stash of money. What if I would have that much money as well? This is what people trust and love.


Here are a lot of coins. They are so many coins that they worth a fortune.

Same on the two next photos.



Here, someone is giving money to some other guy. Looks like he is giving bribe.


When you have a lot of money, you need to calculate your expenses and your return on investments as well.


Calculating by analyzing the visualizations and graphs.


Here is the real value, gold. The whole world runs on this.


Some debit cards and credit cards that may have a lot of wealth.


Stork marked where trillions of dollars are present.


Why not end with Bitcoin again? It is going to change the world.

So, these are the 12 images on our today's theme money.

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