Loving the view from up here. Thank you Melbourne.

10 days ago
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Life in the office can be kind of drab unless you’re lucky enough to have a good desk with a nice view. Thankfully, my day gig allows me to work from home quite often. When I have to go into the city to be in the office, one of the things I find enjoyable is the view I have out over the city.

I recently relocated my office from the 17th floor to the 27th and I’m really loving the view. I’m now looking over the top of buildings that previously blocked my views and I can see much further than before.

My Desk


Zoomed In To The Bay


The side of the building where I set up my desk has a great view over the city and I can see all the way out to Port Philip Bay and across to the other side. I can also turn to the left and look out over the famous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).



Zoomed In


The opposite side of the building could do with a good window cleaning, but the view is amazing out over the Northern suburbs.

To The North


Might be time to bring the binoculars into the office.

Photos were taken using a Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone.


Rock'N'Roll From Melbourne, Australia

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  ·  10 days ago

fantastic view you are very lucky.

  ·  10 days ago

Yes, I feel pretty lucky moving up 10 floors.
It is a great view, much better than my old one, which was still good, but this is way better.

  ·  10 days ago

Great!! Congratulations!

  ·  10 days ago

Thank you @taraamin77.
It really is a very nice office space to work in with a great view to match, sitting right by the window, which is actually the best part.
Looking forward to our Summer time or at least the next clear sunny day to take some better photos and some zoomed in shots of some of the visible landmarks.