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Perfect night for an adventure

Every now and then I babysit one of my friend's kids. They are 3 and 1 and quite a handful. I wouldn't doubt that in 5 years or so, my wife and I will be grandparents, so this is good training for us.

Our house isn't exactly baby proof, so whenever we have them over, the little one gets into EVERYTHING. So I decided that we should take them out to a farm nearby and let the kids see the animals and run around to hopefully get some energy out.

This horse had a pretty cool eyeball. Normally their eyes are dark brown, but this horse had one eye that had some blue coloring to it. It looked sort of like a goat eyeball. I've been thinking about getting a horse lately and it would be pretty cool to move to a place with some land and get a few horses. I need to take some lessons though and learn to ride before I can do any of that though.

The boys had fun watching the baby goats running around and jumping on each other. Baby goats are awesome. They came right up to us and wanted up to pet them and play with them. My wife thought that they were going to nip at the boys, but they didn't try to bite them at all.

Goats are pretty awesome when they start jumping onto each other. I have always wondered what animals think about when they are running around playing. It must be pretty nice to not really have much to care about, except maybe how animals like this are always instinctually wondering if things are out to eat them or not.

A few days ago I wrote about how I was trying to catch a goose. They had some geese and ducks on a pond there at the farm inside of a fenced off area. We found out pretty quick why they were inside the fences because the geese ran up to the fences as we approached and they were expecting food. The boys were trying to stick their fingers in the fence to pet the geese and the ducks, but I pulled them back just in time as the geese tried to eat their fingers like little french fries.

After the farm, we headed over to the butterfly biosphere. It was pretty awesome to see the kids eyes light up and how excited they got as the butterflies flew past them. It was also a full time job to try and keep the kids from touching the butterflies and to make sure they were going to step on any that had landed on the ground.

Overall, the kids had a lot of fun, but they did not get warn out like I had planned. I really think that these kids are solar powered or something because they never take naps or anything when I am watching them. The next time I watch them we will be going on a dinosaur hunting adventure

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post, it is much appreciated.


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