analog pictures of a hike in the mountains in Taiwan

in photography •  last year 

Few months ago we went in the camping in the mountains with a group of friends, here is some pictures I shot with my Canon EF-1.



For almost 5 intense hours, we hiked (and had to cross more than 10 times the river, which had a quite strong current) to arrive in our destination: a wild hot spring lost in the middle of nowhere.


To our surprise, some locals acceded to the site with their 4x4. However, the hike was very rewarding and we never enjoyed a hot spring more than this one after a long day of hiking :)


I wish I could have an analog picture of the sky of that night, I seldom saw so many stars.


The day after, we woke up with the sunrise in the coldness of the mountains. The hot spring gave us enough courage to hike back to our motorbikes and ride back home... One of our best hike so far!


more info about the hike :
more of my analog pictures :

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