More from that depth of the wine glass. Refractography Light Painting

Remember the video where I took photos and videos without the lens attached camera?

Well, we looked far into that wine glass. Here is more material from that occasion. Once you do that it's super simple to create many more images one after another. Last time I was hesitant to share so many of it. So here is a deep dive into colors and shapes created by the glass properties of that wine glass.
Refractography (54)LR-2.jpg
The principle stays the same: The camera is all open without even a lens and a refraction object is in front of the camera. One, two, or even 3 light sources are positioned to shed the refractions onto the sensor of the camera.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your light sources are as small as possible. Just tape your light source and pinch a hole into the tape. Good enough. See here, this is how I did it.
The second option like in the 'making of video', take your light source far away. I had the camera in the living room and the light in the kitchen. That was an easy 10-12m distance.

Refractography (53)LR-2.jpg

Here is how:

Refractography (49)LR-2.jpg

If you are interested in more of my art please also see:
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