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RE: Roses of Gerberoy

in #photography4 years ago

You'd think it would be hard to live in that town if you had allergies to flowers and pollen! Can you image? Sneezing all over the place? and then with this Covid19 thing going around... sheesh! Everyone in town would have it!

-anyway... I love the flowers and roses in your pictures. There are only few places to see roses in Korea.


Yeah gardens probably aren't appreciated as much by people with severe allergies. But then again im not sure if flower pollen is that bad for allergies. I think tree pollen would be worse than flower pollen because trees release it into the air whereas flower pollen is contained within the plant. Bees move flower pollen around. Thats my understanding anyway.
Covid is probably a factor at these touristy type places for sure though.

Yes, your explanation seems right. It's tree pollen that is worse. I got confused!
All I know is my dad can't stand even a few meters away from flowers before his eyes start to swell shut.
Me on the other hand, I'm highly allergic to tree pollen.
Stay safe while walking around during the lifted lockdown.

Thats too bad for you dad. Flowers are so nice to be around. Its a shame he cant enjoy them :(

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