Help wanted: Does anybody know how I could get my lens separated from my DSLR?

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I hope someone here has any idea what the problem is with this lens.
After my adventures in New Zealand I took my body to a Nikon repair centre here in the Netherlands. Got it back and now I wanted to use the lens last weekend during the stay at my parents rented house. I put the AFS 80-200 lens on my D700 and almost couldn’t get it off. Somehow, I got it off. So just trying if Nikon didn’t repair my body properly, I attached it to my old D70 body. But same problem, although a little worse. Now I really can’t get the lens from the body.

Now I’m sure there is something wrong with the bayonet mount from the lens. Has anybody seen this before? Maybe someone has an idea how to remove the lens from my body, and even how to repair it so that it won’t happen again?

Can you please resteem this post for me, so that it could reach as many people as possible. Because I’m really lost on this one…

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah I don't know how but I got the lens removed from my old DSLR body! 🎉

Problem not solved, now I need to check my lens what possibly could be wrong. Anybody any idea?

Just to seperate lens from DSLR is not a problem I guess. is it stucked or any other problem I will see if I can help.

  ·  last year (edited)

Seperate lens from body won't be a problem indeed, but i don't want to do it this way

Thinking about a screw that is locking things but not sure about it.
Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it 😊