Photography: Some pictures of the Dutch coastline that will make your day even better 🌅

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The ocean is one of earth’s best views a photographer can wish for. I call myself lucky that I live near the Dutch coastline. For me it is a place where I find peace, creativity, and not to forget wind 😉

Dutch coastline pictures

Because we don’t have the most stable weather in the Netherlands the ocean does look different every day. It will always be unpredictable what I’ll find when I’m going to try and catch a few shots. I won’t always return home with killershots, but when those moments arrive, I’ll always hope I’ll be there out and shooting. Now let me take you out along on a small tour following this coastline.


When I go for a run, it is most of the time at this beach. I start at the surf beach just behind Domburg and always run towards this place. When we want to go and grab some waves you can always find us (@dboontje and I) here.



While I’m running I’m passing by Domburg and run along the coastline to the next small village called Oostkapelle. This area is not that crowded during the summer months because a large part of the beach is a nudist area. There is also a very nice nature reserve here just behind the dunes called Oranjezon. So it will always give multiple options during your run, most of the time I’ll let that depend by the strength of the wind and it’s direction.



My longer runs usually ends with Vrouwenpolder. Here we have one of the biggest beaches from the area and behind that beach is my surfspot, it is a salt water lake because in our fight against the water we had to close this ocean arm so it became a lake without any tides the waters are only changing in height during winter or summer. But you can shoot here every time of the day, sunrise, sunset you will always have water in your view with the sun slightly above it at the right time 😍



Here we have one of the bigger port cities in my area. A lot of fisherman and inshore pilots are located here. This is the entrance for one of the bigger harbours in the world the Belgian port of Antwerp. But this city also does show the big fight we have against the water and why we are so well known for it. (You can see that fight against the water in my last post with the windmill)


Local patch

Not to forget my local patch, with the shipwreck of the Captain James Duffy, I can always go here and play with my camera because there is always this great landmark being partly visible with high water or fully exposed when the tide is low. Thanks for being always there James! 👍

Capt. James Duffy

PS. As you might have heard, I'm not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that... ?


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