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You have received a @GrumpyCat flag because you or someone else sent money to buy votes from an irresponsible non-GrumpyCompliant service.

@sneaky-ninja, @pushup and @aksdwi are acting irresponsibly by selling votes to people on their post very close to final payout. (~99% abuse rate)

Sending money to these bots is also financially supporting for-profit spammers.

To know what voting bot to use, refer to and use those that have 3.5 day or less in the "Max Age" column.

Learn more ...




Your self upvote is flagged by The-Resistance team using the WE-RESIST bot.
We will be resisting with a team, stronger each day, unless you stop downvoting innocent people.

To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance

I don't like being flagged. I also don't want to cause problems and like open communication. I am willing to listen and learn and if I am doing something wrong I am willing to correct my behavior ... the whole thing does not seem right ... seems like a war between grumpy and the bots but I really don't like being caught in the middle. I have been a steemian for a short time and have learned a lot and put my hard earned money into this platform because I believe in it and like it a lot. It's very difficult to work hard and then be reprimanded without any warning or communication. If I learn something is bad for the platform I would never do it again, plain and simple. I am not here to hurt myself or others so I just don't understand the dispute and want everyone to coexist peacefully.

@grumpycat is at war with bots and he calls people like us "collateral damage".
We are real people,not some colletaral damages!
That is why we resist with all in our hand.


Its sad that some reasonable solution can't be made with open communication, it really is. I am not here to lose money, It takes money to make money but I spends hours and hours trying to create quality content and its tough to be shot down when I am doing everything in my power to do right by the community and build my own creation.

This is a decentralized platform and anyone can do whatever they want. The problem is, that some "smart" idiots are creating conflicts for no real reason and the war emerges.
My understanding is that, if I am spending my money, it is my business and I should be morally right to spend my capital for any reason unless it is used for criminal, racism, terrorism etc.

For example, (I don't intend or mean to insult the addressee) @vladivostok is posting photos that have upvotes worth more than $100 and this is his business, no matter what I think. I am not willing to give him an upvote, because I think that his posts aren't worth anything and they are not valuable for the community. I am not going to flag him as well. All this bullshit about ripping the rewards pool is nonsense. Every user can spend 10X 100% of their SP by upvoting whatever they want.
I am not taking any side, but I think that @grumpycat is a part of this network as well as @the-resistance and many others who are creating their own rules and policies on this decentralized and non-regulated platform.

Enjoy Steemit :)

I agree with you. Except that my posts don't bring value to the community. I am new and experimenting with everything I learn here on steemit, and everything I earn gets powered up. Value is a subjective term, I respect you for speaking your mind. My posts won't interest everyone but what I feel I bring to the community is my effort to try and improve. I am not a blogger and spend a huge amount of time improving and making posts, I have started to learn coding which I have never tried and I try and bring people into the community, I am here learning new skills and have a desire to improve content and maybe this post is not worth what some people may think it's worth but my time and effort is worth far beyond this amount based on my own assessment of value. Using bots was an experiment for me as I discovered them through spending time on steemit and open dialog is what I love more than anything and I will continue as a newbie to learn and work towards my goal of bettering this platform.
I appreciate your feedback and would definitely be open to help in improving my skills if you have any tips you could share, I am on discord and invite you for a conversation. Upped!

@bayuya is right, Steemit is decentralized and you choose who you want to follow and who you want to upvote. I don't see the objective reason for all those so called regulators will it be grumpycat or someone else.
@vladivostok, Keep on doing what you are doing. It is only your business and no one has a right to tell you what bot to use and when. Just ignore. Sometimes you'll get flags and sometimes upvotes, that is how this platform works.

taking a step back and evaluating the situation, have taken in a lot of imformation in the past month and trying to sort it all out in my mind, thanks for the support

I have been using steembottracker and appreciate the suggestion on which bots to use ... agree I don't like how some bots operate and figuring out which is doing wrong is tough to navigate for a newbie. I don't really understand the flagging either and what to do about it if anything, any clarification would be great...upped !!

This was a brand new post ... I really don't understand this conclusion

Это уже не первый пост когда этот бот ставит флаг при этом пост оригинальный, встречал что он ставит флаг когда кто-то использует боты при том что пост старше 3х дней, но это явно не ваш случай, поэтому совсем непонятно из-за чего этот бот проявился в вашем случае.
Как прошел полет до Влада?

мы думаем так же, я не понимаю нисходящего. Полет на владивосток - длинный журнал, я люблю путешествие, хотя это утомительно

we think the same, i do not understand the downvote. flight to vladivostok is a long journy, i love the journey although it's tiresome

Я так понимаю, что флаги все-таки должно использоваться при обозначении спама и плагиата в идеале, но такие боты как grumpycat используют его скажем так в своих интересах. Еще обращал внимание, что он активно реагирует на посты за которые sneaky-ninja бот голосовал. Встречал что жалуются на аккаунт Haejin, тоже вроже как ставит порой флаги. Более точных критериев не знаю.

Я тоже не знаю, мне это не нравится

The post is right.
But your used the wrong voting bitbot according to @grympycat s own criteria

wrong bid bot? LOL

Who created rules for the decentralized platform? For someone this is wrong and for other that is wrong and visa versa.

This is just funny and annoying as well. As long as users don't spam my posts or stealing my work, I am not flagging them. Who cares how someone is spending his or her SBD and which bots they use if they use them at all?

You are right in you sentence saying that it is

@grympycat s own criteria

My criteria is to use the platform by my understanding, my values, my tastes and my preferences and anyone who will mess up with my account will be sent "На Хуй"

I don't know who made this criteria, and I don't feel like I did anything wrong, if these bots are doing something wrong I think go after them, so I lost money on a downvote and grumpy cat makes money upvoting himself in the comments, who's in the wrong here?
i used bots that are on steembottracker and i didn't know some are bad and some are good, this is the first I have heard of it

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