Yummy crepes

in photography •  5 months ago


Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and are enjoying something delicious. I'm spending my weekend working on some delicious recipes for this week so I hope you're hungry.

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That definitely looks so yummylicious, absolutely mouth-watering. Am so hungry!!! :)

Just ate a big plate of carnitas and I have a sweet tooth. This would totally fit the bill.

Looks Delicious

I am damn hungry @gringalicious. You.always make sth delicious and unique. You're good at what u do love. Keep it ablazing

mmmm crepes - it's that I cook on the weekend!

yummy😊 delicious pancakes🥞

I need a girlfriend to prepare breakfast for me all my life


@alejof19 Haha, that's one way to live. 😅

What is the inside white stuff that looks like cream?

How did you manage to defend those Yummy crepes long enough for a steady shot, @gringalicious? ;)))


@lighteye Haha, that's a very good question. 😀

With each shot you making me hungry.. @gringalicious

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just ate a big plate of carnitas and I have a sweet tooth. This would totally fit the bill.

Those look sooo yummy!! We haven't had crepes since Wildstyle had to give up eggs. Someday we'll have them again though! Maybe with quail eggs!


@crowbarkids That's understandable. You can make crepes without eggs though, maybe I can share a recipe soon. 😀

Beautiful yummy but you did not mention ingredients, good post vote for you

That is looking so yummy time to enjoy it out :D

I am hungry


Pretty shot! I like your copper wares!