Toasty Tuesday!

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Hey guys, I hope you're day is off to a delicious start. The season's changing quickly here and heading straight for Autumn and this always gets me thinking about life on a deeper level. You know? I don't know about you but I find myself looking at all the changes that have happened in my life and just sort of taking stock of where I'm at. Life is this constant state of change and it can be uncomfortable at times but ultimately nothing thrives without changing. I don't know, just thought I'd throw out some food for thought along with my food for gawking at. ;p Love you guys!

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These kind of little things make the life flavored and colorful.

Interesting, artistic, delicious and so very yummy. Great share.

That looks soo good

I would say..colorful vegie delight...early morning breakfast to enlighten your entire day...deliciously made..👍

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I welcome the wonderful post with a variety of tastes a satiated breakfast

looks good too bad I can't eat bread.

@sherrysmith Oh, that's not fun. Maybe you've heard of sweet potato toast though?

looks delicious, excellent decorations.

Always scrumptious!

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This looks yummy. You are very creative.

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Wow! Suddenly my toast looks more like the "bread of sorrows..."

@papa-pepper Haha, thanks for taking the time to stop by. P.S. I'm sure your toast is delicious.

Hmmmm Yummy , Perfect for a breakfast :)

This is one of the most beautiful food pix I’ve ever seen!

Nice! I like this kind of photography! I'm a new steemit photographer! I give you a follow if that's ok?! :-)

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Very unique style of presenting that one loved the shot that you prepared with your creative skills :)

Hola @gringalicious, eres toda creatividad, con pocos ingredientes haces maravillas, ya quiero probarlos..uhmm