Late Summer Abundance.

in photography •  6 months ago


I'm pretty sure I've eaten more fruit this Summer than basically the entire rest of my life, lol. I've just been craving it so much more this season and trying new kinds. What about you, are you a fruit fan?

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These photos are making me hungry

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I think I did quite a good job with fruits that summer too, @gringalicious!
My boyfriend works in TV and cinema and he was shooting something in the countryside last month when he came back with two huge bags of homegrown fruits. He said it was a gift from an old lady and he couldn’t refuse it and was like OMG. We ate fruits for two weeks and I even managed to spare some of the apples for a homemade vinegar!
So, go fruits!


@misskate That's awesome. So sweet of her to give you the fruit.😀


Yes, yes. But people that live far from the big cities tend to be more kind in every possible way! :))

Genuinely jealous of your talent. Amazing photo.

mmm such a tasty and colorful post 👍

I love fruits. SoOo much flavor.
Great shot, your fruit platter looks amazing !

Tease me....tease me...tease me till i lose control. Wow!.

You're not lying when you say abundance! looks so freakin good!

I wasn't a fruit fan but I beleive if you put this in front of me I would become one. :)

Too pretty to eat!

Multicolor fruit means multivitamins for health, strong antioxidant, high vitamin C. Way to maintain healthy longevity.

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How one gonna eat so beautiful decorated fruit..???

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I love fruits but I haven't eaten as much as I wanted. The arrangement of the fruits in the picture is tempting.

Hi dear! For me I prefer to eat more fruits because refresh the body, and rich of vitamins.


@creativewoman 😀 Absolutely, you're so right.

OMG I love fruits and your plate looks sooo delicious!!

more the fruits the more the joy this is a delight being healthy in style :D