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Wow. Lovely fruits. This is one of the energized food with full of nutrients.


@introvert-dime Absolutely! I'm so glad that you like them too.

Lovely pic and sweet fruits beautified with flower.....loved your way of presentation. Even a simple thinls looks so attractive

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Wow.. this is a really healthy, full of multivitamins palette.. love the cover image that was perfectly shot!

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I had something similar today :D So great to see this picture.

What an abundance of color. Absolutely perfect.

Hola @gringalicious, luce apetitoso el platillo de frutas, como siempre la presentación espectacular, buen apetito.

Gorgeous as always!

Why just Saturday even everyday should have some fruits. Good for health.

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hello my friend very nice and colourful post 👍

oh my I love fruit! There is not one fruit on that plate I don't like! :)

Hermosa decoración e increíble fotografía la que has tomado felicidades. Saludos de ChefClub España 👍

I'm so glad Summer is ending. I love it, but this year we had an unbearable heat wave in August and glad to see the back end of it. But, I love the fruits available now, so rich and sweet.


@donnadavisart That's unfortunate but I'm glad you're enjoying fruit now. 😀

What a nice way to enjoy the weekend beautiful shot :)

wow.lovely fruits.this is one of the energized food with full of nutrients😍