Colorful Smoothie Bowls

in photography •  2 months ago


Happy beautiful day to you! I hope you're having an amazing weekend. In my opinion it's never a bad idea to have some banana ice cream, what do you think?

For the blue: blend frozen bananas with a small amount of blueberries and some blue butterfly pea powder

For the purple: blend frozen bananas with some dragon fruit and some blue butterfly pea powder

For the pink: blend frozen bananas with some raspberries and/or strawberries

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I like the purple one as it looks so yummy and enhance among other. The other two are also amazing..


I like how these two sentences comment have $0.84 potential payout (with a self upvote, of course), while many Steemians put hours of work into their posts and they can't even earn $0.50.
Your other comments are also amazing.

Wow they all look amazing!!!!!!!!

looks delicious .want to taste it😛

nice unique post keep it up dear and follow and resteem you

Yummy those look amazing! :)

I like the way you have decorated all the three bowls. Looks yummy 🤗

Nice post on Colorful Smoothie Bowls. You are always great. I like your writing the most.

howdy there this fine Saturday gringalicious! these dishes look amazing! I agree, any day is a good day for ice cream, wonderful photo!

So beautiful colorful bowls and i'm sure they are so delicious too, i visited your blog and i noticed you're not participate to Google AdSense Program, you have a great blog i think you should try it dear. God bless you and have amazing weekend ♥


@injiskitchen That's so sweet of you. Thanks for the recommendation.

I have the exact same spoons lol:)

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Ahh...delicious...wish you call me for breakfast...or lunch ..or dinner 😉

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That looks so good! Can I have All three? With kids this is a great idea they love colors but fruit is sometimes difficult. Lets try this

Colourful and yummylicious too this is a delight :D

Soy de un campo y tengo unas mata de espinacas y un tío tiene sembrado plátano. Estos dos ingrediente me salen gratis, este helado lo preparo esta misma semana-- Saludos
Gracias por esta combinación sorprendente

This Looks super nice. I wish i had one of those bowls right now.
I am going to Vietnam for one month in October. I can’t wait to taste the food there. Especially street food.
You should come team up with me!


@susanne 😀That would be incredible. Wow, I would love to go. 😘

Waow. I love colors & fruits!