📷 Light Painting at full moon (series)

in photography •  11 months ago

Yesterday I've had a lot of fun with my younger daughter while taking these long exposure shots with a string of LED lights. All photos were taken with a NikonD800 at 14mm between 1.5 to 16 seconds.










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Coole Action - geile Bilder -
sehen Computergrafik generiert aus .
Klasse Idee :-)


Ist ganz einfach zu machen! Wir hätten mehr damit experimentiert aber es wurde uns irgendwann zu kalt.

Wow, what an awesome effect man! My favorite shot of the bunch is the first one 😊 The strings of time and space...


Thanks Dan! Glad you liked it!

Whoa! These pictures are intense!!!

amazing picture. really uncommon. mind freak see that.


Thank you!

Thank you very much, a beautiful moon photo. I have never seen Chad in this way. Thank you



thats a really great phographer..best of luck bro..

This content is more educative and informative.I have learned lot of things from your post.I am waiting for your next valuable content.

love it - lots of fun to make. If you get a number of them together maybe you could make a video slide-show ..... I could see your drone participating 😜


Yes, I was thinking to mount the string on the drone!