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While in Seattle getting work done on the van I was invited by Harley Sitner at Peace Vans to attend a function displaying best in class vans, the following picture is The Shop where it was hosted. This grill and bar also known as The Derby is a membership club that allows you to store your hot car indoors while enjoying many other member only benefits. The event was well attended and many learning's on van life and hacks were shared:


The views from the bar or restaurant are like this:


I dropped off the document in the next picture to owner Matt Bell on corporate capture after discussing and debating crypto-currencies with him along with setting him up with a bitcoin wallet called Mycelium and transferring him some bitcoin (current price $9,500.00 CAD each BTC):

Here is a shot of Peace Vans store front:

...and a few vans hanging around the shop and the weekend:



Here is a shot of my new wheels brought in by Peace Vans:

I could not resist and had to post this picture of a very cool tree:

What my van is looking like hauling the fat tire electric bike around:

If you want more proof 'of the peer reviewed corporate capture doc' mentioned above, I link to the document many times throughout my blog so follow me and here it is again: Corporate Capture

A few more beautiful cars for your viewing pleasure:









Paul Collin

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This is my car what you think @greenman

Wow amazing car's paul, i really like all sorts of different models and colorful cars in that place, it's no doubt a wonderful place to buy new wheels and your van is simply awesome, Stay awesome and have a very joyful and cheerful week ahead.

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I love these kind of entertaining gifs


You are welcome and thank you very much for your kind response.


Me too. Love your last post.


Thanks again.

Just amazing sir.So many high speed car .




Thanks sir.My pleasure

Wonderful photo amazing car collection like Prince of brunei:)


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Excellent communication Paul, these machines are impressive with their shapes and colors and the main thing here is the models of different years of release. I like it, so I Upvoted and Resteemed


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Excellent post, wow what a wonderful cars and van and i really like your new van it's color and shape is so beautiful, well we can see there all sorts of cars and vans with different models and colors, it's great place to buy new machine.

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Wow hot car of vw. excellent photos.

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Thank you @greenman

i went to Peace Vans store front. lots of love & respect for u. Resteemed and upvoted

Hi handsome. Nice electric bike. I want to ride a bike with you.






Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog.

For your post propagation.

Wonderful vw update and nice photography.

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nice gif thx for resteem


Thanks sir.


Nice photography of VX Cars & Vans. But I like your Fat Tire Bike most ;)

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What a car
Resteem post

thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.

Thanks @greenman
Have a great day

@greenman - Oh my goodness Sir, wonderful collection of cars & vans with fantastic photography....

To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Great travel experience sir. excelent photography.

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Those cars are amazing.

Wow ! extraordinary photography,Great works, I wish you success.
i love read color car.
Upvote and Resteem Your Post buddy.


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you are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit,

That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way, have a nice..

Excellent post, very beautiful cars and so many different models that the eyes scatter. Thanks @greenman and Upvoted and Resteemed


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love it


same to you

we all know about your passion , your van and fat tire cycle are like jack and rose of titanic ..

by the way Mr president ,as you know im your old follower .i always read your articles .and try to wrote like you . recently i wrote some articles about currency , if you judge them it will help me a lot to learn about currency and writhing blog .so sir do me a lilltle help .please rate my articles plz for better knowledge

you are my inspiration @greenman


nice post, really amazing cars and vans and all of them looks so attractive, many congrats for the new van paul, i really like the structure of your van and love the word freedom written on the back.


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This is Great life. that is amazing photos.

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impressive photography of vx vans & cars. you modified your van well. impressive work @greenman


Nice photo collection of your latest visit.

  1. Van well updated
  2. Bike well maintained + updated

You have in depth knowledge about Vehicle updates. Nice~

Thx for the post again an bringing btc to all in the world who are open to it.. Omg. I love the orange bmw.. in Holland orange is a special color..

Great work nice photography resteemed


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Wow! what an amazing van!!!!



DQmWx43cMH6xzWu8fQaqaEG4CbcQHcJbXXbxSVFvd9jxQh9_1680x8400.jpgamazing sir.So many high speed car. Thank you for sharing @greeanman

Those pictures are really beautiful my dear friends your love for the cars are incredible


So great to see these updates and so many happy Faces. I will send some more Steem in a few seconds too.


Fantastic photography

thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.


Oh wow.. Never seen such a exquisite car 🚗 collection.. Would like to ride a one.. Thanks @greenman..😊🤗
Upvoted and cheers..🍻

images (92).jpg

Fantastic photography
Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog.



Amazing post @greenman, that red car is so beautiful and your chocolate color van also looks so cool and beautiful, you tell a very nice place to buy new wheels all stuff out there are so beautiful,


giphy (2).gif

The red Ferrari car is a dream for me very beautiful and thank you for your sharing Thank you, Mr

Hey, @greenman to day, I browse youtube and I saw you have a youtube channel too.........///////



yes, eventually I will be posting video

I love Red color Car.

Hi Paul, what a beautiful collection .
I like Orange as


me too


Wow, a lot of great cars in the showrooms. A lot of legends. Definitely, a pleasure to see. Thank you for sharing that.
Since he has Mycelium now the owner might accept Bitcoin next month. ;-)

Hey Paul aka @greenman, You have brought to us some nice collection of vehicles. Liked it, super post.

Keep sharing, caring and inspiring more.

Stay awesome.

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colourful car,,,

i like your this vw-vanIMG_20171104_164725-01.jpeg

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I look at these cars, and then I look with disgust at Fjord and Govern-cement Motors. It is no more difficult to make beautiful cars then the crap that we produce now.

I am glad that you are getting your life in a van working for you.



these vehicle are now going to be legend for the newest featuring car, as they hold first generation speedy automobiles.

Never seen such large amount of VX Cars and Vans in a same place! This is awesome!


Such a wonderful post with nice cars collection by @greenman
I really like and love cars...
Wow...feeling awesome...

Amazing cars , thanks for share it, upvoted

what a place! just car and car....

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Amazing post with awesome cars


Wow...really amazing car...high speed..
Unique model...
Looking gorgeaous
..love to read your post
Thank's for sharing sir


Hi mate! Glad to read back from you after couple of days! Hope all fine on your side!
Amazing cars and vans out there man! Would love to own a van and live my life in it someday...that's my dream!

Wonderful VW Van Update @greenman

Nice car .Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last.i read your writing..wonderful traveling..have a nice day.thanks for sharing vw-van.how much price in this vw van...?

Btw that red Ferrari is really hot...This will always be a dream for me...well only if Steem sky rocket to over a $1000!!!


Wooooowwww........ your car collections is much better. high powerful..like to ride speedy. The car has high engine capacity.
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Have a great day.


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Awesome hot and sexy car collections you sharing to the steemit community @greenman. Brilliant to driving anywhere.


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You have share very handy car and van collections photography. Very nice to see these ones.
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thx for nice pics and resteem



Man, so much amazing classics. Thanks for sharing <3

great post
thank you for your effort

nice one!!

hello, @greenman

The place is indeed heaven for Cars and all ;)

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..


oh wow that Ferrari was on point fleek fire :D

nice photography...

as a photographer i can say this is very good work!
I love car for a long drive.
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amazing photos. Thank you for sharing

really nice post...re-steem