Photography of the Moon. [Original Photography]

in #photography5 years ago

This Photography was taken a couple of days ago, I was sitting on my bed and I happen to gaze out the wondows and she (the moon) was looking at me like she was flirting me. asking me to take her a picture, grab my camera, set the best setting for night shooting and shot at her with my best.

This was the result.

Full moon stares at you.


Camera: Panasonic Lumix.
Model: DMC-FZ47.



A beautiful full moon photography, what lens you use to take a picture like this

Thank you, my camera cannot change it lens. I just zoom it out the most I could

Impresionant 👌👏👏👏👏

Beautiful, what were your settings for this? All I ever can get of the moon is a blur or a blob!

Thank you. Exposition was 1/125 s, ISO-400, f/5.2, apeture 4.75. zoom it out to 50x. glad you liked it.

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