Photography - TWO RED ROSES - 20180901

in photography •  6 months ago

This is TWO RED ROSES - Midwest, USA


Just a few quick photos of TWO RED ROSES . . .


Photos taken by me . . . . .

by @goldkey

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Now we have a pair of beautiful red roses...


Yes, they are beautiful

Beautiful, just beautiful!


Yup! Yup! Yup! Beautiful

Each color of roses brings a different meaning of expression, so you go to to find out what flower bouquet is carrying the message

Red roses symbolize a passionate love and romance. The red rose has gone through many cultures - both the west and the east. But everywhere, it is always the most loved flower, and it symbolizes a kind of sentiment. same sacred: love.


The red rose is the leader for expressing passionate love.

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Thanks for the support

Nice picture!


Thanks for the reply

Very nice photography waoooo


Thanks for the compliment

Great post at this time @goldkey


I'm happy for the compliment

So sweet red 🌹 .I love it


It is a sweet red rose