Photography - PINK FLOWERS - 20180906

in photography •  2 months ago

These are PINK FLOWERS - Midwest, USA


Just a few quick photos of PINK FLOWERS . . .



Photos taken by me . . . . .

by @goldkey

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Wow! These pink lily flowers are so beautiful. I am in love with them. Lovely shots.


Yes, these pink lilies are beautiful. thanks

Lovely pale pink flowers. Are they lilies?


Yes, these are pink lilies.

What I liked more was the contrast between the soft pink flower and the "hard" red roses.


You are right. The contrast really compliments them both.

The best flower is the one that is given with the heart.


I have these photos because these flowers were given with the heart - so true.

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thanks for the promotions

It's a beautiful flower.I want to.have at home.

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Thanks, I'm glad you like these beautiful flowers.

I like photography.Just amazing.Can i resteem your post?@goldkey


Thanks and sure resteem all that you like.


Thank you very much.I appreciate it.@goldkey

@goldkey We are getting in touch with our Feminine Side........LMAO


. . . not sure about that . . . probably not a response I was going for. . . maybe I'll just stick with silver and gold and cars and coins


No boundaries that is the Best Thing about Steemit.

Beautiful... Seems you love flowers too